3 Keys 🔑 to Taking Good Product Photos

Taking good product photos can be a bit tricky. There are 3 🔑 things to keep in mind that will help you capture the perfect image every time.

I’ll use this gorgeous photo from @fuse93 as an example.

3 Keys 🔑to Taking Good Product Photos

1. Keep the background light in color and make sure to avoid anything overly reflective, sparkly or shiny. Especially if you are using your iPhone. (This makes it easier to edit the photo later...without losing the detail)

2. Make sure the scene has nice, even exposure. Notice how the brightest part of the necklace still shows detail. And the background does not have any spots that are blown out or too bright. This is from using a consistent light source. For instance, open shade is an excellent light source and it’s free!

3. The before image is slightly underexposed. It’s not too dark, but it’s definitely a tad bit underexposed in order to keep the shiniest part of the necklace from being too bright. When one part of the photo is super bright, it makes it difficult to edit the entire image without losing detail. Shooting slightly underexposed helps to create an even canvas for a beautiful edit.

I edited this photo using my JBC Presets and it turned out beautifully!  Click the image below to checkout my Maker Presets.  They are perfect for product photography!