Shooting Underexposed & Dealing with Highlights

Q: Is it better to shoot interior images slightly underexposed?

A: If you are going to edit them, yes! Here’s why...

Highlights are tricky and if you overexpose them too much they will make your photos look extremely bright or “blown out”. Especially when dealing with bright spaces like the image above.

If you have ever dealt with this, don’t worry. Everyone does! Here’s how you can get the perfect shot, every time. Even on your iPhone.

• Make sure the brightest part of the photo determines the exposure.

• For instance, in the photo above I focused my camera on the white, round vase in the upper left hand corner. I made sure it had perfect exposure. Meaning the little exposure dial on my camera was in the middle. If I were to shoot this same scene on my iPhone, I would tap the screen to focus on that vase and then move the little sun ☀️ dial up or down until that vase wasn’t too light or too dark...and then snap the pic.

🧩(Click Here to see my iPhone 📷 Tips • for a real life example using the cabinets as the focal point) 🧩

• I edit my photos. I used my JBC Home and Decor desktop presets (since this was a RAW image) on the photo above to really bring it to life.

The good news is, this process was less than 5 minutes. Because my photo wasn’t too bright when I went to edit it, it allowed me to utilize the power of Lightroom to save time. I’m all about making Photoshoots and editing as easy possible.

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