Bohemian Collective | Stock Photo Bundle #0013 - Jana Bishop Collection

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Bohemian Collective | Stock Photo Bundle #0013

# B O H E M I A N

It's easy to fall in love with a style that is this breezy and inviting. The Bohemian Collective was designed for those of you who want your website or social media account to feel like home, with just a little bit of your work life mixed in. With plenty of texture and mockups, you will find yourself using these images over and over again. Crop them, edit them, add some fun text. Feel free to make them your own. Just don't steal them or re-sell them. That's where this laid back Texan draws the line.

Your purchase includes 18 hi-resolution stock photos plus an extra edit on the image with the paint brushes. I included a portrait and a landscape crop on that one. Just for you!

Here's your image break down:

  • 15 Portrait - This makes it easy to crop them for Instagram ( since the width stays the same) and allows you to easily create promo images for Pinterest.

  • 4 Landscape

I can't wait to see how you use these! Be sure to find me on Instagram @thejanabishop and tag me in your posts so I can cheer you on!


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