Festive Holiday Mockups & Styled Stock Photos - Jana Bishop Collection

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Festive Holiday Mockups & Styled Stock Photos

# F E S T I V E C H R I S T M A S

It's almost Christmas! My favorite time of year! This collection is a nod to the classic Christmas colors that we all know and love. The entire bundle feels like a celebration. And, in true Twigy style I've included pops of greenery throughout. I just can't get away from nature. :)

Your purchase includes 60 hi-res, JPEG imges. 60 photos?! Wait, what? The cover image only says 26. Well, here's why...

Your basic images are showcased on the slides above. There are 26 unique photos with additional formats and angles included in the bundle. I wanted to make sure I provided you with plenty of choices when deciding on your images for the Holiday Season.

Be sure to snatch this one up soon! Christmas is right around the corner.

Please note, the images included are flat jpegs, allowing you to easily use the multiply tool in order to add your own graphics to the cards. Not sure how to do that? Here is a helpful video tutorial for you: https://vimeo.com/160024752


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# T H E S C O O P

My stock images and mockups are unique because they are ALL created to help you brand your business online and on social media. This makes them SO easy and fun to use on Instagram! Each of the photos are high resolution and are available for instant download.

I leave a little bit of negative space on some images or mockups so that you may personalize them! A lot of my customers use them in conjunction with the Studio app. All you have to do is overlay your quote or promo and you are all set! By doing this you can use one image in a variety of ways and in multiple posts...stretching those hard earned dollars to the max.

You may also edit these images to reflect your personal style. Add a filter or convert them to black and white. Go ahead...I give you permission to wow your followers with something that still looks like YOU! The only thing I ask is that you do not, under any circumstances resell this image as your own. No matter how tempted you are to do it.

#W H Y U S E S T O C K I M A G E S

With quality visual content being king—it’s no longer optional to have a presence on Instagram. Currently, Instagram users are 58 times more likely to engage than Facebook and 120 times more likely than Twitter users, according to a study by Forrester Research. Instagram is the platform to shine on and the most personal platform to tell your brands story. Twigy Posts saves you time and money by providing you gorgeous, quality photos to help you streamline your Instagram channel and easily craft your brand at an affordable price.

# P E O P L E W H O L O V E T W I G Y

Instagram, Social Media Managers, Bloggers, Graphic Artists, Entrepreneurs...and YOU!!!!


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