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JBC Preset FAQ's

Let's Get Started!

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Lightroom Mobile App

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This has happened a time or two and we completely understand how frustrating it is.  Usually, it is the result of either the wrong email address being entered at the time of purchase (oops!) or the email has landed in your spam folder.  Either way, we are here to help!  Please send an email right away to my support team at support@janabishop.com.  

Please put “Lost Email” in the subject line so my team will know to respond right away.

And of course, be sure to check on dear old spam as it has a way of interrupting the good thing we have going on here.

How Do I Install My JBC Mobile Presets?

 -Video Tutorials

I  have some helpful video tutorials saved on my Instagram. I’ll link to those below. I know sometimes it helps to be able to see someone else walk through the process, and that’s exactly what I did here. It’s kind of like you are looking over my shoulder while I install and edit. Super casual and extremely helpful!

Updated IOS iPhone Users - If your iPhone has the new IOS update and can unzip files for you...you can follow along with this Video Tutorial that I have saved in my highlights! 

iPhone instructions using the unzip app – Download and Install the presets directly on your iPhone using the Unzip App Tutorial.  This shows the Lifestyle Presets as an example, don't worry. This will work for all of my JBC Mobile Presets.

Android tutorial - Download and install your presets on your Android or google phone with this video tutorial. 

AirDrop – This tutorial will show you how download and Install the presets using your laptop and airdrop. (This is usually the fastest way to install them, but if you don’t want to use a laptop…go to back the Unzip tutorial.)

Dropbox – Download and Install the presets using Dropbox. This is the most time consuming method, but it does work. :)

How to adjust the settings in Lightroom Mobile after applying a JBC Preset.

Updated IOS iPhone Users - If your iPhone has the new IOS update and can unzip files for you...you can follow along with this Video Tutorial that I have saved in my highlights! 

The written instructions look long, don't get discouraged.  I listed them step by step, but I promise it goes fast.

Let's Get Started! 

Make sure you have downloaded google chrome, the unzip app and the Lightroom mobile app. All are free from the app store.


1. Click your download link button in the email that was sent after your purchase to download your presets on your iPhone. *If you are not given the option to open the link in Chrome, you can copy and paste your download link directly to the Chrome app". Then Click “Download now”. 

2. At the bottom of your chrome browser click “download”. It might take a few seconds to a few minutes to download depending on your internet speed.

3. Click "Open in" and scroll past notes, messenger, health etc, until you see the UnZip App. You might have to select “more” to find the UnZip app. Click “copy to unzip” or “open in UnZip”.

4. Then click on the orange download folder to unzip it. It will be the name of the presets you just purchased. It will unzip and change to a yellow folder. 

Click on the yellow Download folder labeled JBC Presets (you'll do this twice). The name of this folder will vary depending on which JBC presets you purchased. 

5. Then click on the (i) for the first preset.

6. Then click “Open in”...Scroll to the Lightroom Mobile App. Open in the Lightroom mobile app. It will give you the option to import the DNG file on the next lightroom app launch. Select "Got it". Once you have shared all the DNG files to lightroom, you can open lightroom and all the DNG images will be there. If they are not there, try restarting the Lightroom app.

7. Open or launch the lightroom mobile app. Click on the first individual DNG image, then click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner.

8. Click on Create Preset, then name your preset (use the name on the photo). Then, under Preset Group, click on User Presets. Click on Create New Preset Group and name it (JBC Presets). Click the check mark in the upper right hand corner when you are done.

NOTE: Once you have your preset group created you can add the rest of the presets to it by clicking the drop down menu and selecting it each time. Repeat this process for all of the presets.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed your new JBC Presets! 

1. Download the "Files by Google" app, and the Adobe Lightroom Photo editor app to your phone. Then click the download button in the email you received from us after purchase. Click "download now".

2. Select to open with "my files". In your notifications window, select your download once it has finished downloading. Select to extract or unzip the files. 

3. Once the file is unzipped, click to open it. You will then see all the DNG files, which are your presets. Select all the DNG files, then click the three dots at the upper right corner, or the share button if you have that option ( share button might have this symbol next to it < ). Select add to Lightroom.

4. The DNG files should now all be in "All photos" in your Lightroom mobile app. Select one of the DNG files, then make sure you are in the "Edit" module in the top left corner of the screen. 

5. Click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner. Click on Create Preset. Name your preset (use the name on the photo). Under Preset Group click on User Presets. Then, click on Create New Preset Group.

6. Name it (JBC Presets), then click the check mark in the upper right hand corner to save the preset. Make sure you do these steps for all the DNG files. You will need to create a preset from each DNG file.

7. Now let's apply a preset! Select an image to edit.  Scroll along the bottom of the app until you see “Presets".

8. Look for your group (JBC Presets) and Click on the preset name to apply it. Tap the check mark, then click the share button (looks like this <) in the upper right hand corner.

9. Save to Device - Highest Quality Available! Congratulations! The edited photo is now saved to your images and ready to post! You can edit as many photos as you like from here on out!

Using your desktop or laptop, open the zipped file folder from your download link.  

You will see several DNG files inside.

DO NOT click on the DNG files to open them.

They need to stay in the DNG format to work.

Send the DNG images that were in the zipped file folder to your mobile device.  

I suggest AirDrop or Dropbox.

Once transferred they will appear in the camera roll of your mobile phone.

They will look like blank squares…this is perfect!

Once you have transferred the .DNG files to your phone (via AirDrop or Dropbox) you can add them to the Lightroom Mobile App by following the next steps:

Open the Lightroom mobile app.

Click the + plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

This will take you to your camera roll.

Click the 3 little dots in the upper right corner.

Choose “select”

Now, click on each one of the .DNG files.

Click add photos at the bottom of your screen.

**Please note** the .DNG files may show up as blank images.  Be on the lookout for those blank squares in your camera roll. 


Once they are added to your Lightroom Mobile App you will see my logo and the name of the preset. They will still be in .DNG format.

How to Create Your Preset:

Open the image preset you would like to create. For instance, JBC Warm.

Click the three white dots in the upper right-hand corner and select create preset.

From here, name the preset and create a preset group named “JBC Presets”.

Repeat this process for all of the presets.

Editing Your Images:

Open the image you would like to edit.

Select presets from the bottom toolbar.

Select the preset you would like to apply.

Click the check mark to apply it.

Please note: You will want to adjust the exposure after applying the preset in order to achieve your perfect edit.

Congratulations! you have successfully applied a JBC preset.  

Be sure to use the hashtag #JBCPRESETS for a chance to be featured!

-Can’t find your email with your download link? Make sure you check your spam/junk folder.

-If your phone doesn’t give you the option to select google chrome to open your download link, you can instead copy and paste the link directly to chrome and continue following the instructions.

-If you are not seeing Lightroom mobile as an option to open in from the Unzip app, make sure you are opening the individual DNG file in Lightroom, not the entire folder.

-Please make sure you are in the edit module in Lightroom when you are editing images. You won’t be able to apply your preset unless you are in the edit module. You can look in the upper left hand corner of Lightroom to confirm that you are in the edit module when applying a preset.

-You may want to adjust the exposure after applying the preset in order to achieve your perfect edit.  Look for the "Light" button and then move the exposure slider to the right or left.  

How Do I Install My JBC Desktop Presets?

1. Save your presets folder labeled JBC Desktop Presets on your desktop. 

2. Open Lightroom CC.  Click on the edit button on the right side of the page on the top of the menu. It will look like three horizontal lines with a circle on each line.

3. On the bottom, you’ll see the tab for Presets. Click that.

4. Once the preset tab is open, click on the three dots to the right of the words presets. Select “Import Presets”.

5.  It will allow you to choose from the folders on your desktop. Select the entire Folder labeled JBC Desktop Presets and click on Import.

6. Your Presets will appear under the presets tab.  If they are not there, restart Lightroom CC and they will show up. 

Make sure the folder containing your .xmp presets is saved in a location where you can easily find it.  

I suggest unzipping it and saving it on your Desktop.  

You will want to copy this folder so that you can paste it into the settings folder later.  Read the step by step directions below to walk through the process.

1. Open Lightroom Classic.  In the upper left hand corner, click on Lightroom and then click on Preferences. 

2.  A new screen will pop up.  Look for the Presets tab.

3.  Click on the white box (towards the middle of the screen) titled Show Lightroom Develop Presets. 

4.  Locate the Settings folder and double click to open it.  Paste the entire unzipped folder containing your .xmp files (the one you unzipped and copied earlier) into this folder.

5. That’s it!  So easy and fun.  If the presets do not show up automatically, go ahead and close Lightroom.  Once you re-start it, the presets will appear.

Other Questions

This is such a great question!  Presets are editing settings, that can be saved and applied to your photos within Lightroom.  They give your photos a signature look.  Instead of trying to figure out how adjust the settings all on your own, presets allow you to buy the professional settings created by someone else in order to quickly and beautifully edit your images. 

This is probably one of the questions I receive the most.  There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to editing an image.  Things such as the time of day, type of phone or camera as well as the lighting and subject will vary from person to person.  Although my presets are designed to be as user friendly as possible, you may want to adjust the exposure or white balance in order to create your perfect edit.  My main piece of advice when it comes to using presets is to think of them like a tool to achieve a gorgeous photo.  Don't be afraid to tweak certain things if you don't like the look of the preset at first. 

Once you have installed all your presets, it’s time to edit a photo. Click the back arrow (upper left hand corner).

Then click the blue plus sign (bottom right hand corner). Click on a photo from your camera roll that you would like to edit.

Scroll along the bottom of the app until you see “Presets”. Look for your group (JBC Presets) and Click on the preset name to apply it.

Then click the check mark to apply the preset on the image.

Click the upload button (looks like an arrow) in the upper right hand corner “Save to Camera Roll - Maximum Available”. 

Yes!  Buy them once and use them as many times as you need to edit photos.  That includes your blog, website, and social media images. Please note, they cannot be given to a friend or colleague for use.  They must remain with you and your business only.  Kind of like a toothbrush.  It's yours to use freely, but you would never share it with a friend.

Nope, they are for everything!  My presets can be used on all of your images. That means your website, blog and graphics can all look cohesive and beautiful.

There are so many people selling presets, it can be difficult to decide on a set for your brand. Thankfully, you can take a look at the photos in the before and after previews on my website, as well as my Instagram. Those examples will give you a good idea of the style my presets create and the types of photos they work well with.