iPhone Instructions Using the UnZip App

The written instructions look long, don't get discouraged.  I listed them step by step, but I promise it goes fast.


Let's Get Started! 

Make sure you have downloaded google chrome, the unzip app and the Lightroom mobile app. All are free from the app store.


1. Click your download link button in the email that was sent after your purchase to download your presets on your iPhone. *If you are not given the option to open the link in Chrome, you can copy and paste your download link directly to the Chrome app". Then Click “Download now”. 


2. At the bottom of your chrome browser click “download”. It might take a few seconds to a few minutes to download depending on your internet speed.


3. Click "Open in" and scroll past notes, messenger, health etc, until you see the UnZip App. You might have to select “more” to find the UnZip app. Click “copy to unzip” or “open in UnZip”.


4. Then click on the orange download folder to unzip it. It will be the name of the presets you just purchased. It will unzip and change to a yellow folder. 


Click on the yellow Download folder labeled JBC Presets (you'll do this twice). The name of this folder will vary depending on which JBC presets you purchased. 


5. Then click on the (i) for the first preset.


6. Then click “Open in”...Scroll to the Lightroom Mobile App. Open in the Lightroom mobile app. It will give you the option to import the DNG file on the next lightroom app launch. Select "Got it". Once you have shared all the DNG files to lightroom, you can open lightroom and all the DNG images will be there. If they are not there, try restarting the Lightroom app.


7. Open or launch the lightroom mobile app. Click on the first individual DNG image, then click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner.


8. Click on Create Preset, then name your preset (use the name on the photo). Then, under Preset Group, click on User Presets. Click on Create New Preset Group and name it (JBC Presets). Click the check mark in the upper right hand corner when you are done.


NOTE: Once you have your preset group created you can add the rest of the presets to it by clicking the drop down menu and selecting it each time. Repeat this process for all of the presets.


Congratulations! You have successfully installed your new JBC Presets!