Video Tutorials | Installing & Using Your Lightroom Mobile Presets

Video Tutorials

I  have some helpful video tutorials saved on my Instagram. I’ll link to those below. I know sometimes it helps to be able to see someone else walk through the process, and that’s exactly what I did here. It’s kind of like you are looking over my shoulder while I install and edit. Super casual and extremely helpful!


  • Unzip App – Download and Install the presets directly on your mobile phone using the Unzip App Tutorial.  This shows the Lifestyle Presets as an example, don't worry. This will work for all of my JBC Mobile Presets.
  • AirDrop – This tutorial will show you how download and Install the presets using your laptop and airdrop. (This is usually the fastest way to install them, but if you don’t want to use a laptop…go to back the Unzip tutorial.)
  • Dropbox – Download and Install the presets using Dropbox. This is the most time consuming method, but it does work. :)
  • How to adjust the settings in Lightroom Mobile after applying a JBC Preset.