Adding Mobile Presets to your iPhone using the UnZip App | Written Instructions

Hey hey!  I'm so happy to see you here.  This means you just purchased my JBC Mobile Presets. Let the editing begin! 
Now, first things first.  Make sure you already have the FREE Lightroom Mobile app installed on your phone before you begin. (App Store - Lightroom CC- Install - Sign up).
You will also need the UnZip app (App Store, UnZip App, Install)  
Okay, now we can start the download process...
  • Click the button in the email provided to download your presets on your iPhone.
  • Make sure to download it using Chrome.
  • Click "Open in" and scroll past notes, messenger, health etc, until you see the UnZip App.
  • Click on the Preset Download folder.  It will be the name of the presets you just purchased.  Click on the yellow Download folder (you'll do this twice)
  • Click on the (i)
  • Open in...
  • Scroll to the Lightroom Mobile App
  • An Image will pop up that says the name of the JBC Preset.
  • Click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner
  • Click on Create Preset
  • Name your preset (use the name on the photo such as JBC Blush or JBC Subtle)
  • Under Preset Group click on User Presets
  • Click on Create New Preset Group
  • Name it (JBC Presets)
  • Click the Check Mark in the upper right hand corner
  • Click the back arrow (upper left hand corner)
  • Click the blue plus sign (bottom right hand corner)
  • Click on a photo from your camera roll that you would like to edit
  • Hit the check mark
  • Scroll along the bottom of the app until you see "Presets"
  • Look for your group (JBC Presets) and Click on the preset name to apply it.
  • Tap the check mark
  • Click the upload button (looks like an arrow) in the upper right hand corner
  • Save to Camera Roll - Maximum Available
  • Congratulations! The edited photo is now on your camera roll and ready to post! You can edit as many photos as you like from here on out!