This one thing is killing your Light and Airy Photo Dreams...

It’s true. Getting rid of this ONE thing will instantly take your photos to the next level.

💡Ambient Lighting 💡

So, what are ambient lights and why should you avoid them?

An ambient light is anything in the room that adds an artificial light source the scene. Things such as overhead lights and lamps are the biggest culprits. They tend to cast a harsh, yellow light and it’s usually very concentrated.

🧐 Think about the lamp in your room. It probably lights up the corner really well, but the rest of the room is kinda dark.

When trying to create a light and airy interior photo make sure you take it when there is plenty of sunshine to work with. Open up ALL of the blinds and turn off all of the ambient lighting. This gives your room a large, even light source to work with and gives you the best chance at creating that easy breezy look in your photos.

Give it a try today and see how this one trick can instantly transform the look of your images.