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Hey you!  I'm so glad you're here!  I think we are a LOT alike...you and me.  You wanna know why? I know first hand how hard it can be to decide which presets to buy...I've been there. 

When I first started editing, I looked for every free preset on the market.  I would download them and play for hours...trying to figure out the world of Lightroom and editing.  It was fun and it was also extremely frustrating.  In my effort to stock up on free presets, I was creating choas in my editing style. 

It wasn't until I began investing in quality presets that I realized the missing puzzle piece. Dependability.

Preset Collections help cut through the chaos and provide dependable, cohesive edits across all of your photos.  That's why I LOVE presets so much and why this is my full time job.  With JBC presets, you don't just get a pretty edit...you get an editing BFF.  If you get stuck...I will help you!  That's my promise.  

So, why not start today? I want you to edit with me.  When you click the link below you will receive a FREE JBC mobile preset and if you keep reading, you'll see that I've attached 4 unedited photos to this post, plus a video that will walk you through how to install your FREE preset and how to edit the sample photos provided.  It's like we are hanging out, having a cup of coffee and editing together. 



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Once you see how well this preset works, you will be able to easily transition to any of my preset collections with ease.  They are all designed to work together to create gorgeous, cohesive edits to match your style and needs. No matter what you are editing, I have a preset collection for you.

So...what are you waiting for?  Sign up using the link above and get started right away!

Here's your 4 unedited test photos. Hold down to save them to your camera roll. 

And here's the editing video I promised you. 
PS, if you are new to Lightroom Mobile and need help installing the app, I created a video just for you!  Click HERE for a step by step video on how to install the Lightroom Mobile App. 
Welcome to the wonderful world of editing!  I'm so excited for you!
xoxo - Jana