My Favorite Camera Settings

Here are my favorite camera settings. 🤗 These settings are the ones I use the most as stock/product photographer shooting in natural light.


Aperture = wide open...think 1.4 -2.2. ⠀

Shutter Speed = semi- fast (since I rarely use a tripod) anywhere between 200-400. ⠀
ISO = as low as I can go. I usually shoot near an open window between mid-morning and early afternoon. My ISO is anywhere between 100-600. I make the ISO my wild card. Meaning I will adjust it to accommodate my other settings. I feel like it has the most wiggle room. ⠀

White Balance = Auto. I like to keep things simple and auto is such a nice easy setting to love. 😍

Downfalls of shooting wide open = you can’t get the entire image in focus. My advice...Pick a central point in the photo and focus on that.

Fast shutter speeds can require more light. You will either need to adjust your aperture or ISO to make up for the lack of light on a cloudy day.

The higher the ISO, the more noise your image will have. It looks like dust confetti all over your photo. If you can keep it under 1,000 you should be just fine. Unless your camera is an older model (6 + years old).

White balance can be tricky indoors. Knowing how to adjust it in the camera can save you time editing and make the colors as close to real life as possible. I personally enjoy the editing process and find it easy to adjust white balance later. But that may not be a popular answer. 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

Now it’s your turn to ask questions! What are your biggest struggles when it comes to adjusting your camera settings? .