iPhone Install *Updated IOS*

Watch this video for step by step instructions using the updated IOS system on your iPhone or keep scrolling to see the written instructions included below. 

1. Click the download link button in the email that was sent after your purchase to download your presets on your iPhone. 

2. Select Safari

3. Click Download Now

4. It will either show you a screen with the zipped file folder on it...if it does that, click the little compass in the bottom right hand corner and click download.  Then, click the bouncing arrow in the upper right hand corner. 

**If it goes straight to the bouncing arrow, click on that.**

5. Then, click on the preset folder.

6. Keep tapping through until you get to the Mobile Presets.  Click on Mobile Presets to open them.

7. A screen with all of the presets will appear.  Click on Select All

8. Click the arrow in the bottom left hand corner and scroll through until you see Lightroom Mobile (you should already have the app installed)

9. Launch Lightroom Now

10.  It will load the presets in there for you. Now, its time to create the presets. 

11.  Make sure you are in the Edit Module in the upper left hand corner.

12.  To create the presets you will need to click on the first individual DNG image, then click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner.

13. Select Create Preset from the drop down menu.

14. Name your preset and create the preset group. 

NOTE: Once you have your preset group created you can add the rest of the presets to it by clicking the drop down menu and selecting it each time. Repeat this process for all of the presets. 

Congratulations! You are ready to start editing!