Desktop Install *Lightroom CC*

How to Install your JBC Desktop Presets (.xmp)  in Lightroom CC. 

You can watch the instructional video or follow along with the step by step written instructions below.   If you are looking for instructions on how to install your presets in Lightroom Classic, go HERE.

Watch this first:

Then, watch this...

Written Instructions:

1. Save your presets folder labeled JBC Desktop Presets on your desktop. 


2. Open Lightroom CC.  Click on the edit button on the right side of the page on the top of the menu. It will look like three horizontal lines with a circle on each line.


3. On the bottom, you’ll see the tab for Presets. Click that.


4. Once the preset tab is open, click on the three dots to the right of the words presets. Select “Import Presets”.


5.  It will allow you to choose from the folders on your desktop. Select the entire Folder labeled JBC Desktop Presets and click on Import.


6. Your Presets will appear under the presets tab.  If they are not there, restart Lightroom CC and they will show up.