All New! JBC Makeup Presets

💋If you are a MUA and find yourself struggling with the way your client photos look, these presets are for you!

I get it. Many of you work on set, travel to wedding destinations and set up in hotel rooms or houses in order to accommodate your clients. Which...usually means you don’t have a lot of control over your surroundings. And if you are like the majority of makeup artists, you rely on your trusty iPhone to take a quick photo of the final look, before your client heads out the door.
Sound familiar?
To make matters worse, you may find that your photos don't capture the details in the eyeshadow. Or the contour looks completely dulled down. And, the most devastating of all...that beautiful glowing highlight is almost non-existent.
PC @makeupartists411
Are you ready for the good news? I have a solution! I created a set of Mobile Lightroom Presets that were specifically formulated to help makeup artists show off their talents with professional quality edits. With my makeup presets you will be able to correct some of the most common issues in your makeup photos and bring them back to life. All from the convenience of your mobile phone.
I have heard from so many of you and I respect how importance it is for you to maintain the integrity of your clients skin tone and makeup application. I value your work and want you to have everything you need to show it off with confidence.  These presets were created with those needs in mind. 
PC @makeupby_crismichelle

Give the JBC Makeup Presets a try today and instantly take your photos to the next level!